IT Infrastructure Services IT Infrastructure Services
In today's technology-driven business world, we have a deep understanding that IT is relevant to your business needs and processes, while the superior IT infrastructure management is crux to success. Enhancing the development of your IT environment by developing the projects will be directly linked to the efficient operation of your business. Firstly, our professional IT experts will evaluate your business needs. Then, we customize a flexible, highly expanded, comprehensive and highly secure plan for you so you can focus on the innovation and growth of your business.

System Operation And Maintenance Service System Operation And Maintenance Service
Based on service level agreements (SLAS), our IT provides customers with a wide range of IT operations services. The service quality index for different service levels are a significant part of service level agreements. The service quality index embodies the quality of IT operation services which are provided by service providers. 
Cloud Services For Enterprises Cloud Services For Enterprises

Depending on your current system situation and the actual development phase, we can migrate the system to different platforms. Our migration services consist of mirror-based automated one-click migration, public cloud migration for shared resource services, private cloud migration for proprietary resources, hybrid cloud migration for resource automation. Cloud services in our enterprise provide services which are integrate with the migration processes, methods, tools and expert teams.

so you can focus on the innovation and growth of your business.

Data Migration Service Data Migration Service

Data migration is an archiving process that moves files to a secondary storage system. These files typically require easy access to image documents or historical information at any time in the future. It also consists of the process of computer data migration, migrating the data from the old systems, applications and so on.

Network Security Services

We offer a comprehensive, complete, holistic security solution. Along with the arrival of the cloud computing era, enterprises are increasingly require agile security solutions. To improve the efficiency of customer information system and information system security as the core of service, we continuing have close cooperation with partners who cover different industries and regions, to offer the professional, complete security and application delivery products, solutions and value-added services for customers.